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Sun, Aug 09, 2015

He Who Called Me By His Grace

He Who Called Me By His Grace

God is the Lord of grace.
Grace comes from Him, and
He calls by grace.

Faith is knowing His calling as grace, and
The life of this faith is revealing Him until approaching the throne of grace (He4:16).

The kingdom of heaven can be entered by
Those who are like little children welcoming the calling of their mothers (Mt18:3) for
God summons us by our names (Is43:1).

When He created all things,
He brought out the starry host one by one and called forth each of them by name (Is40:26; Rm4:17).
When Adam sinned and hid
God called him (Ge3:9) and
Took off his covering of fig leaves and clothed him in the garment of skin (Ge3:21).

Abram left his county and his father’s household (Ge12:1) and
Even gave his only son, becoming an heir of faith (Ge22:11) for
He considered God’s calling as grace (Ge18:3, 22:1-2; He11:8).

When he was called by God (Ex3:4)
Moses was living a secluded life in the desert, but
He obeyed God and was sent to Egypt.

When God called the people by their name, Israel (Is43:1),
They became God’s people, a holy nation (Ex19:6).

The sanctuary where the name of Jehovah dwelled was
The place of God’s calling (1Sa3:4) and where
They were summoned for feasts (La2:22).

Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19),
Because through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would call souls of men by His grace and
As such His public life began by calling disciples (Mt4:18-22; Mk3:13), and
It was for them to participate in His grace.

Furthermore, His name Yeshua is the name that He received since He was with the Father (Jn17:11),
The name by which the Father would call the Son to the throne of grace (He1:1-4, 4:16).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Revealed that the Father alone is the Lord of grace who, though for a brief moment abandoned Him, would bring Him back and call Him to the throne (Is54:7-8; He5:7);
2) Condemned the devil who sinned, having nothing to do with grace (He2:15; 1Jn3:8); and
3) Sprinkled His blood and called sinners by grace (Mk2:17).

The Father raised Him and finally called Him to the throne of grace where
He is the Lord of grace (He1:1-4, 4:12).

The Holy Spirit came in the name Yeshua and
Lets believers know the hope of His calling (Eph4:4; 2Th2:14).

The man of the Spirit is he who was
Called in the midst of despair (Ac9:1; 2Th2:14) and
Knows that all his failures and despairs of the past were
To reveal His grace now and considers them all as grace (1Co15:10).
Thus by his testimony of the Lord’s grace calls other men for
He hopes to be called up to the air when the Lord returns and
Appear before the throne of grace (1Th4:16-18).

O Lord,
Since I was conceived in my mother’s womb
You watched me and when it was the right time You called me —
Thank You!
Let Your grace be soaked in my testimony and
Let it be brought out in my preaching! Amen.
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