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Sun, Nov 20, 2016

Wait for the Precious Fruit

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Wait for the Precious Fruit
(1Th5:16-18; Jas5:7-11)

God is the Gardener (Jn15:1).
He sows good seeds in His field (Mt13:24) and
Waits to bring in the fruit into the barn which He prepared in heaven (Mt13:30).

Faith is receiving His good seed and longing to become a precious fruit.
The life of this faith is being patient and standing firm, growing by the early and late rains until being taken up to heaven.

A gardener or a farmer has a purpose, a principle and a plan:
His purpose is to reap many folds of his crop (Mt13:23);
His principle is to sow good seeds in a good field at the right time and looking after it until harvest;
His plan is to wait for them to grow in the sun and the rain.

God created man in order to
Sow in him the seed that was before the creation and
Reap many folds of crops (1Pe1:20-24).

Deceived by the devil, Adam the living being, however, sinned and
Sin and death entered all (Ge2:17; Rm5:12; 1Co15:21).

God gave the law, the law of sin and death (Rm8:2) for
Men to become conscious of sin and confess (Rm3:19-20).

The sanctuary where the stone tablets were placed
Inside the testimony reminded them this.

When the time had fully come, the Son of God Yeshua came
Born of a woman, born under law (Gal4:4-5), and
He said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would fall to His ground and be sown as the good seed to bear many fruit (Jn1:11, 12:24).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
Laid down His life and fulfilled the Gardener Father’s will of sowing a good seed in His own
field to reap a valuable crop (Ps126:4-6; Jn10:17; Jas5:7);
Condemned the devil, the bad seed (1Jn3:8); and
Paid the price of sin for all men and sprinkled His blood to sow life (Mt13:24, 31-32; 1Pe1:23).

The Father raised Him up and
Yeshua entered the heavenly barn as the firsffruit (1Co15:23).

The Holy Spirit whom He sent comes
To those who received the sprinkling of His blood in the field of their hearts (He12:24; 1Pe1:2), and
Lets them grow by the early and late rains (Jas5:7).

The “early” rain refers to experiencing the Holy Spirit, receiving His gifts,
Having prayers answered, finding joy and easily growing in faith,
While the “late” rain refers to patiently waiting through
Poverty, persecution, hardship, test, absence of answer to prayers etc.

In order to become a precious fruit,
The man of the Spirit resolves to
Be patient and stand firm
Knowing that he is tempted only what he can bear and
When he is tempted the Lord provides a way out for him (1Co10:13).
Therefore he puts every effort to rejoice always, pray continually and
Give thanks in all circumstances (1Th5:16-17) for
He longs in that day to enter the gates of the heavenly barn with thanksgiving (Ps100:4).

O Lord,
How patiently You waited to come to Your own field to be sown at the right time.
How patiently You waited for me to finally receive the good seed, Your blood.
Thank You, Yeshua!
Let us all remember the first love, the first grace and
Stand up over today’s suffering and overcome!
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